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Industry Insights - Maia Marketing

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Jimmy Björnhård, CEO Maia Marketing
Jimmy Björnhård, CEO Maia Marketing

Industry Insights brings you the latest insights and trends from the marketing and advertising industry to keep an eye on. This week we met Jimmy Björnhård, CEO at Maia Marketing. Maia Marketing is a growth agency that helps businesses achieve growth in a data-driven manner.

When asked about the journey of Maia Marketing, Jimmy shared that he felt there was a lack of focus on growth in SEO, SEM and most other areas of digital marketing. Maia Marketing aims to optimize the entire journey and be the best in class in all areas they work in. The company's vision is to create a workplace that fosters the best digital talents and is characterized by kindness, development, and transparency.

Jimmy also shared that the pain points of their clients differ based on the customer. However, most marketing managers struggle to demonstrate the value of marketing efforts to senior management and often lose track of the connection between marketing and sales. Maia Marketing helps companies reach profitability through digital marketing efforts and provides data-driven solutions to help clients see the value of their marketing efforts.

How much we turnover doesn't matter - what is most important to us is just to be the best in what we do in the industry whilst creating a workplace that favours the best digital talents - Jimmy Björnhård, CEO, Maia Marketing.

When asked to share a success story, Jimmy mentioned that the most successful cases they have is when the client is onboard with working in the growth funnel and are happy to work with experiments and let the data lead the way to higher conversions and more effective campaigns. A common mistake that most B2B companies make is relying only on LinkedIn for when it comes to paid social. Since you reach about 10 times more people with Instagram/Facebook with the same budget you can afford to have an audience that is less relevant and still acquire more customers with very few exceptions.

Maia Marketing emphasized the importance of being up to date in the fast-changing world of digital marketing. He said that the future of growth agencies lies in being more data-driven and transparent. Maia Marketing is ahead of the curve by educating their consultants in growth marketing in some of the best schools in Sweden. They also allocate 20% of their time to self-development and encourage their employees to attend courses and conferences.

Regarding trends, Jimmy mentioned that AI is here to stay and that it is incredibly powerful. TikTok has changed the social media landscape and caused a shift in user behavior. Voice search and AR/VR are also emerging trends, but they are not quite there yet. Maia Marketing uses AI, such as ChatGPT, to simplify creative processes.

When it comes to advertising for growth, Jimmy advises companies to prioritize calculating profitability and estimating potential ROI. Rather than simply allocating a marketing budget and evaluating results afterward, he emphasizes the importance of making data-driven decisions beforehand. By doing so, businesses can avoid wasting resources on ineffective campaigns and ensure that their advertising efforts are optimized for maximum profitability.

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Anna Sahlberg Carlsson, Digital Marketing Specialist
Anna Sahlberg Carlsson, Digital Marketing Specialist


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