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How Adcredo supports Eniros future vision and increase their results

Eniro Group / Robin

Eniro Group is the leading and largest digital media agency in the Nordics, specializing in small and medium-sized enterprises. With a client base exceeding 40,000 and a team of 200 digital media specialists, Eniro provides a comprehensive one-stop-shop solution. This allows brands to enhance their visibility and drive growth while maintaining cost efficiency.

The Needs

Eniro has ambitious growth plans, aiming to triple its client base and increase client value in the coming years. To manage thousands of clients with diverse needs, Eniro needed a scalable advertising technology that could expand their offerings while reducing administrative time. To best serve their clients, they also required automation and advanced features to support a more demanding client base effectively.

Key Problems

  • Scalability problems

  • Lack of control, and time efficiency to create and handle campaigns in multiple advertising platforms

  • Difficult to track effectiveness of campaigns

"We believe that Adcredo is the best fit, scalable technology that we can use in order to provide our customers with the services that we have sold.  But Adcredo is also a partner that helps us in developing and supporting the strategy that we have"
The solution

Adcredo provides a robust advertising technology solution that precisely meets Eniro's requirements for scalability and efficiency. By leveraging Adcredo's platform, Eniro Group can seamlessly integrate all major social media advertising platforms into their offering. This enables Eniro to cater to both smaller clients through automated processes and midsize clients with more sophisticated preferences. With Adcredo, Eniro can deliver a comprehensive suite of paid media advertising services, ensuring that their clients have access to the full range of advertising opportunities available across various platforms.


By leveraging the Adcredo platform, Eniro can:

  • Manage and optimize thousands of client campaigns across multiple channels with ease.

  • Automate processes to reduce administrative time and enhance operational efficiency.

  • Utilize advanced features to meet the demands of a more sophisticated client base.

  • Provide AI-driven insights and optimization for better campaign performance and ROI.

Measurable Results

Since migrating to Adcredo's platform, Eniro has significantly expanded its product portfolio without increasing workload.


Key achievements include:

  • Enhanced Budget Efficiency: Improved budget pacing from 92% to 99%, resulting in a 7% increase in margins.

  • Higher Client Satisfaction and Retention: Boosted client retention and satisfaction through more effective campaign management.

  • Administrative Savings: Reduced reporting administration by nearly 80%, saving thousands of hours in repetitive tasks.

These measurable results underscore the transformative impact of Adcredo's platform on Eniro's operations and client success.

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"We now have more or less ready to go templates not only doing it simpler and more streamlined for us but its much easier for our clients to understand the effect of their advertising"

Anita Leifsen Head Of Product and Technology 

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