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Digital Marketing At Scale

Our platform enables Agencies and Brands to quickly and easily create high-performing digital advertising campaigns on the most popular search and social platforms, all through one interface and with a unified reporting. Maximize your potential with Adcredo.

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How it Works

The platform that simplifies digital advertising by integrating the largest advertising platforms

Allowing you to manage all your paid marketing needs in one seamless interface. With a main focus on reducing administrative tasks for agencies and enterprises, our platform frees you up to focus on achieving results. Let us handle the time-consuming setup, while you optimize and fine-tune your campaigns for maximum impact.

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The process is simple

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Connect your ad accounts

Connect it once, and you're good to go. No hassle or code required.

Easily connect the various advertising accounts using an authentication button to access the platforms that you wish to market through.

Create campaigns

In the campaign section you can easily navigate through our campaign management tool.

Adcredo's campaign management tool guides and optimizes your workflow towards your selected platforms and goals.


Streamline your creation process

Easily deliver campaigns across channels

Create and reuse templates in no time

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Generate beautiful reports in no time

Reporting is key but usually eats up a lot of time. We have the solution.

The Adcredo professional reporting tool allows you to easily access all the important metrics you need and present them in one complete report for all your selected media channels.

Access all the important metrics you need 

One unified report for all your selected channels

No data scientists or coding required

Why companies like Adcredo?

"We can easily connect data and visualize for customers how the campaigns are performing"

In the past, it has been a great challenge to both create and launch campaigns for our customers and also to collect, evaluate and present valuable data. With the help of Adcredo, Holy Comms has been able to adapt a new and smarter way to set up campaigns for their clients


Lisa Kruse
Founder at Holy Comms

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