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Effortlessly increase your effect without increasing your workload.

To thrive in today's competitive digital advertising landscape, consider launching multiple campaigns simultaneously through Adcredos easy-to-use platform. With automated workflows provided by Adcredo, you can efficiently manage and update your campaigns across multiple platforms at once. Let Adcredo take care of your campaign automation needs, so you can focus on creatives and advertising strategy.


Connect your ad accounts

Connect it once, and you're good to go. No hassle or code required.

Easily connect the various advertising accounts using an authentication button to access the platforms that you wish to market through.

Create campaigns

In the campaign section you can easily navigate through our campaign management tool.

Adcredo's campaign management tool guides and optimizes your workflow towards your selected platforms and goals.


Streamline your creation process

Easily deliver campaigns across channels

Create and reuse templates in no time

campaign management adcredo

One user-friendly interface

Streamline your campaign management by centralizing it in one user-friendly interface.

With this approach, you can efficiently manage your campaigns and reporting from a single platform, without the need to log in to multiple tools. This centralized approach allows you to scale your efforts across different platforms easily, saving you time and effort while improving overall campaign performance.

Optimize and Elevate Your Campaigns

We offer highly effective optimization features to enhance your campaigns. Elevate your campaigns with our Optimization Tools, including Cross-Channel A/B Testing.

Cross-Platform A/B Testing for Enhanced Campaign Comparison
Our platform allows you to create A/B tests for campaigns across all platforms. Directly compare platform performance to optimize your delivery strategies effectively


Comprehensive Campaign Editing Enabled for Social Platforms
Enjoy full campaign optimization capabilities for social platforms, empowering you to fine-tune your strategies as you gain new insights


Expanded Platform Coverage for Performance Insights
Our "performance" and "warnings" features offers proactive alerts and insights about campaign performance across a wide range of channels

Unique features at Adcredo
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