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What are the biggest pain points for digital advertising in 2024?

A recent study conducted by the The WBR Insights research team surveyed 300 digital advertising leaders from B2C companies across North America, EMEA, and APAC to generate the results featured in this report. found that digital advertising marketers in 2024 are facing several significant challenges.

2024 has emerged as a year of dynamic evolution in digital advertising, yet for many businesses and agencies, it has also brought forth new challenges. Three of the most pronounced pain points in digital advertising this year are:

  1. Ensuring the Right Tools are in Place (78%)

  2. Managing a Growing Number of Channels (66%)

  3. Increased Competition (58%)

Overcoming these hurdles requires strategic planning and effective solutions. One of the most prominent challenges is ensuring that the right tools are implemented to maximize results and efficiency. According to a survey, a staggering 78% of businesses identify this as their primary pain point. Here are some guiding steps to master this area:

Below is a survey conducted by Insights (2023) where they asked digital advertisers what their biggest pain points of 2024 are.

What are the biggest pain points for digital advertising in 2023?
What are the biggest pain points for digital advertising in 2024?

What marketers will primarily focus on, as indicated by the following statements

  • 76% We will spend more on social media advertising in general than we did in 2023

  • 71% We will invest more in Generative AI

  • 60% We will spend more on programmatic advertising in general than we did in 2023

This outcome not only aligns with our earlier observations on the growing significance of generative AI but also resonates with the strategic plans of 71% of respondents, who express a clear intent to amplify their investments in this transformative technology throughout 2024.

Furthermore, the prominence of social media as the primary advertising arena for B2C companies is set to persist in the coming year. A substantial 76% of respondents affirm their intention to increase spending on social media advertising in 2024 compared to the preceding year, highlighting the sustained importance and impact of this dynamic platform on marketing strategies."

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