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New Meta & EU legislation Update

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

New platform update! Meta (Facebook and instagram) has announced, in compliance with the new GDPR and EU legislation, a new update that requires advertisers to define the roles of "beneficiary" and "payer" in campaigns running through their platforms that are targeting any country within the EU. This has meant that starting from Monday the 10th of July all new campaigns (or already running campaigns that you would like to edit) needs to have "beneficiary" and "payer" information filled in on the Adgroup level. At Adcredo we quickly adapted to this new legislation by adding the function to the platform to make the new update as easy as possible for our clients and partners.


What does the new EU-legislation really mean?

The EU Digital Services Act (DSA) now requires Meta to provide information on “the natural or legal person on whose behalf the advertisement is presented” (the beneficiary of the ad) and, where different, “the natural or legal person who paid for the ad” (the payer of the ad), meaning;

  • Benificiary: The brand/client legal private/company name that will benefit from the advertisement

  • Payer: The legal private/company name that will pay for the advertisement


How does this work on Adcredos platform?

It is very easy, all you have to do is when you create new clients, make sure you add the correct legal company name of the client into the "Company Name" input field. For example in Sweden it is common for companies to have "AB" after the company name. If you have any already existing clients that are starting with new Facebook campaigns, just quickly cross check the tab named "Beneficiary and payer" when editing the Facebook adgroup to ensure it's displaying the correct names.

Platform Update: New Meta & EU legislation

The information will automatically be populated with:

  • Benificiary: Will automatically apply the Client Company Name (this is the information you fill in when you create clients in Adcredo)

  • Payer: Will automatically apply the Agency Company Name (this relates to information that we have filled in when we created your agency account and relates to your individual company names)

Please note that - "Beneficiary" and "payer" information is required for all new, duplicated, or edited ads targeting the EU or its associated regions. If you don't provide this information, the ad won't be published.

Meta announced that this information will be available in Meta's ad library later this year, but won't be displayed on the actual ad or in the feed. It will remain in Meta's ad library for one year after the ad's last exposure. While you must include this information in all ads targeting the European Union or associated areas, it won't affect ad delivery, cost, bidding, functionality, or the ad review process. If you have any questions regarding the update, do not hesitate to reach out to us at our customer service chat or email our team.


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