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Get Ahead of the Holiday Rush: Why Companies Should Start Marketing Before its too late

The holiday season is approaching fast, and for e-commerce businesses, this is the most wonderful time of the year. Halloween, Black Friday, Hanukkah, Christmas and many other holidays are some of the biggest shopping events, and they offer a great opportunity for businesses to boost sales and end the year on a high note. However, to make the most of this season, it's crucial for companies to start their marketing efforts early and in time.

One of the main reasons to start your holiday marketing in time is the increased competition during this time, especially in the e-commerce landscape. As the holiday season draws nearer, more and more businesses will be trying to grabb the attention of shoppers by using paid marketing across many platforms. Consider launching your campaigns on multiple platforms, so that you make sure you don't put "all your eggs in one basket" and reach your target audience.

By launching your marketing campaigns now, you can get a head start and stand out from the crowd. This early bird advantage can help you capture the attention of potential customers before your competitors do. According to forecasts by eMarketer, overall retail spending will increase with 4.5% to $1.3 trillion spent for the 2023 holiday season in the US alone, with e-commerce accounting for almost 20% of sales and contributing 48.5% of spending gains. With e-commerce expected to grow steadily in 2023 despite challenges like inflation and supply chain disruptions, it's crucial to prioritize marketing efforts for company resilience and to boost sales revenue

Consumer Behaviour Changes

Consumer behaviour changes during the holiday. Potential customers start researching and planning their holiday purchases well in advance, roughly 30% of shoppers start their holiday shopping as early as October or even before according to a2022 holiday shopper study. In fact, a survey by Google revealed that, “as of mid-October, holiday shoppers globally had on average 21% of their holiday shopping complete". Consumers spent over $211.7 billion online over the 2022 holiday season , which is an increase of 3.5% year over year, according to Adobe Analytics. By starting your marketing efforts early, you can tap into this pre-shopping research phase with less competition and position your products or services as the go-to choices when shoppers are ready to make a purchase.

E-commerce is expected to maintain its growth trajectory in 2023, following a significant increase during the pandemic. As mentioned previously, according to eMarketer, e-commerce sales are projected to exceed $1 trillion this year, marking a 9.4% increase from 2022. Additionally, launching your holiday marketing campaigns early allows you to build anticipation and excitement among your audience. You can tease upcoming deals, special promotions, and exclusive offers, creating a buzz that keeps your brand top-of-mind as the holiday season approaches. This anticipation can lead to higher conversion rates when the time comes.

Utilize Adcredo: The All-in-One Multimedia Platform to reach your target audience

To make the most of your early holiday marketing efforts, consider using Adcredo, multimedia platform that streamlines your advertising campaigns across various platforms all in one easy to use interface. With Adcredo, you can reach your target audience on all of the biggest social media and search platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat, Google, and Meta.

Adcredo's user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage and optimize your marketing campaigns across these platforms, saving you time and maximizing your ROI.

If you need help setting upp your holiday campaigns book a demo today or contact your representative at Adcredo.

Anna Sahlberg Carlsson
Anna Sahlberg Carlsson, Digital Marketing Specialist


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