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Adcredo Adds Snapchat to Platform

Updated: Sep 18, 2023


Snapchat's Unique Appeal

Snapchat stands out from the crowd due to its appeal to a younger demographic. While it may have initially been known as a platform for photo and video sharing between friends, it has evolved into a platform were companies are leveraging it with ads to reach a younger audience. Here's why you should consider using Snapchat in your marketing mix:

Reach a younger demographic: Snapchat is particularly popular among younger demographics, making it a great choice for targeting millennials and Generation Z.

Augmented Reality (AR) Marketing: Snapchat's AR filters and lenses provide a unique opportunity for you to create interactive and a more user generated experiences for your audience. Try it out!

Marketing Mix: Adcredo's integration of Snapchat means that you can seamlessly manage your Snapchat ads alongside other social and search channels, streamlining your marketing efforts.

Is snapchat good for advertising?

Yes! The addition of Snapchat to Adcredo's platform offers companies a great opportunity to diversify and enhance their marketing efforts. By incorporating Snapchat into your marketing mix, you can gain a competitive edge in your marketing.

What type of campaigns can you create on snapchat?


Increase awareness of your brand or product

Trafik to website

Send Snapchaters directly to your website

Website conversions

Drive specific actions on your website

Thanks to the incredible dedication and expertise of our tech team, the integration of Snapchat and many other platforms into Adcredo's platform this past summer. This isn't just a milestone for us; it's a game-changer for our clients!
Snapchat integrated into Adcredos platform
Martin Ploug, CTO


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