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Admoove lowered their normal CPC costs with 79% using the Adcredo digital marketing platform


Admoove is one of Sweden's oldest reseller companies of digital services that pride themselves on delivering the best kinds of ad packages for their clients. One of the challenges they faced as many do was how to deliver great ad campaigns at competitive prices since doing so usually means having to spend money on hiring more experts in order to deliver these great results and at the same time be ready to easily scale as a result of the business growing


So our mission was to provide Admoove a means to deliver maximum advertising effect for their partners and clients while at the same time fulfilling their need of being agile and flexible when offering great campaign results as a reseller. They needed a solution that was easy and straightforward to understand. Something that would take away all the administrative headaches that come with trying to create and manage ads on multiple platforms. Also, something that easily provided performance insights of how the ad campaigns were performing and how these campaigns compared against one another. Since Admoove uses CPC costs as a criteria measurement of delivery success, they wanted to be able to lower the CPC costs as well in order to justify both internally and to their clients of adopting a new solution.

How we did it

Adcredo onboarded Admoove, helping them see how easy it was to use’s user interface and logic. They showed them how easy it was to learn how to use the Adcredo platform in creating and managing the best ad campaigns remove the repetition they used to encounter daily when creating and managing and campaigns. This enabled them to easily provide their clients the biggest media platforms, spend minimal time and resources in campaign setup and optimization while always delivering the expected results that they have come to expect. Furthermore, we provided them with an opportunity that allowed them to be experts in Google, Facebook, and Instagram.


With Adcredo, Admoove managed to go from CPC 10.8 SEK to 2.28 SEK as an average result. Lowering their normal CPC costs with 79%. With better campaign results and saving hours of work every month Admoove can support their clients needs and grow their digital business forward.

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