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Meet the Team: Adam

Francois Hugo

Introducing Adam Vickberg, the newest addition to the Adcredo team! Adam joins us as the Head of Client Marketing, where he will play a pivotal role in steering the expansion of Adcredo's platform and ensuring client success. We're thrilled to welcome him aboard as we continue to enhance our offerings and deliver unparalleled value to our clients

What's your story, and what made you think, "Hey, I want to join this awesome team at Adcredo"?

Been into marketing for the last ten years working with everything from startups, at agencies and in-house. When I came across Adcredos product I felt that it was something that I wish I would have had in many of my previous roles and that it could have made my marketing life easier in many ways but also deliver better results.

Spill the beans – what's your role here, and what do you reckon will be stealing the spotlight in your day-to-day?

As the Head of Client Marketing, my main job is to help Adcredo's customers succeed in their digital marketing. I'll do my best to make sure our clients achieve their goals and get the most out of Adcredo's platform. My aim is to build strong partnerships and support the growth of each client. Together, we'll navigate the digital world, seize opportunities, and make your marketing efforts more effective.

So, Adcredo – what superhero moves do we have to help media agencies and brands conquer their biggest headaches?

Don’t think we need to label it as superhero something, if you’re into digital marketing and are working with it in an environment where you work with delivering as good results as possible and/or analyze and present data from several media sources you know that it is a headache and takes time if you don’t really love excel. Adcredo can help with all of that and it’s a BIG benefit!

Spill some secrets – what's the magic recipe for making your workdays enjoyable?

I just want to have fun, be around creative and ambitious people and deliver great results. Don’t need to be more complexed than that.

When you're not rocking it at work, what's your go-to hobby or guilty pleasure?

Wish I had some cool hobbies! Most of my time outside of work I spend with my family and playing with my son.

Let's add some spice – what's a fun fact about you that your coworkers need to know?

When I was young I did a rap song that we played in front of a couple of thousand. The song was not good, and I don’t think anybody will ever get to hear it again.


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