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Lisa Kruse, Founder of Holy Comms
Lisa Kruse, Founder of Holy Comms

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, companies are constantly seeking effective communication strategies to reach their target audiences.

Holy Comms, a cutting-edge Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS) agency, is leading the way with its innovative approach to marketing and branding. In an interview with Lisa Kruse, the founder of Holy Comms, we delve into the company's journey, vision, and their unique perspective on the future role of MaaS Agencies in the digital landscape.

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Prior to founding Holy Comms, Lisa Kruse accumulated extensive experience as a marketing manager and e-commerce specialist. Kruse recognized the challenges faced by companies when procuring marketing services. The complex and costly process of hiring agencies or finding individuals to handle various marketing tasks led Kruse to question the status quo. Motivated by a desire to simplify the marketing services and make it more accessible, Kruse embarked on a mission and started Holy Comms.

What the marketing industry has done so far is not modern or customer-oriented - it's so price-driven. Companies and people can't afford it, and that's where the idea and journey of wanting to change the industry was born - Lisa Kruse, Founder of Holy Comms

Looking back - Kruse shares that starting a MaaS company brought its fair share of obstacles. Kruse acknowledges the initial underdog complex she experienced, given the complicated and competitive nature of the industry. She describes the Marketing Landscape almost as the Finance Industry – complicated and often at times harsh in nature. However, she persevered and soon joined forces with her husband, who brought his expertise from the tech and recruitment sectors to the table. Together, they aimed to revolutionize and challenge the traditional approach to communications by offering a modern, customer-centric perspective. They both felt strongly that this was lacking in the marketing service industry.

Holy Comms caters to a wide range of clients, from small to medium-sized enterprises lacking dedicated marketing departments to larger corporations. Their services encompass brand strategy, content creation, and production. Holy Comms' ability to adapt to various client needs, whether niche or expansive, enables them to offer comprehensive solutions and become a valuable partner for companies seeking to outsource their marketing endeavors.

Trends that Lisa believes will have a lasting impact:

  • An increased demand and discussion about the importance of branding. Too many companies have focused solely on short-term marketing initiatives such as discounted prices rather than building a brand.

  • Now that the economy has shifted, the importance of having loyal customers is at the forefront.

  • We are communicating more than ever today. This trend will continue and will need even more answers from data and previous marketing initiatives moving forward.

We should remember that Gen Z will soon become decision-makers, and they have proven to dislike the short-term marketing approaches we have seen in the past. It is both beneficial and crucial to instill long term marketing strategies, and that cannot be achieved through discounted products alone according to Kruse. Instead, it is accomplished through brand-driven products that provide reassurance and reliability- We need to go back to basics!

As technology progresses at an unprecedented pace, the future role of MaaS agencies like Holy Comms becomes increasingly important according to Kruse. While AI can perform a multitude of tasks, Holy Comms recognizes the value of human creativity and expertise in driving effective communication strategies. By embracing technological advancements, Holy Comms aims to empower smaller businesses by providing them access to platforms and tools previously out of reach, ultimately democratizing the marketing landscape. Kruse emphasizes the need to strike a balance between the capabilities of humans and AI. AI has started to play an important role within Holy Comms. Kruse highlights the use of ChatGPT, a tool that can compliment Google during research and brainstorming to save time when looking for information online. Holy Comms also leverages AI to deliver transcriptions from videos to the customers for a cheaper price - “human” transcriptions can take hours and hours, while AI tools shortens the task significantly. By utilizing AI tools, the agency is already reduced costs for clients, making marketing more affordable and efficient - but Kruse say that they are only just getting started.

In conclusion, Kruse emphasizes the importance of branding and building long-term customer loyalty, rather than solely focusing on price and product. She predicts an increased demand for effective communication strategies and a growing expectation of transparency and engagement from consumers. As technology continues to advance, the role of MaaS agencies like Holy Comms becomes increasingly significant.

Holy Comms + Adcredo

Adcredo is opening up opportunities for businesses of all sizes to create multi media campaigns on platforms that were previously out of reach due to cost of resources and time. Just as Holy Comms, we do not believe that businesses should not have to identify as advertisers to be able to advertise.

We have several great cases together and have truly appreciated the intuitive platform Adcredo is, and how amazingly transparent and seamless it is for the customer. It has saved us many hours and resources, and therefore a lot of money for our dear clients- Lisa Kruse, Founder of Holy Comms

Adcredo is a platform that helps set up campaigns and create effective advertising. Adcredo has noticed a growing trend among brands who want to see results from their campaign investments and have more transparency. In-house teams are growing, and businesses are relying on specialists who can provide them with the insights and expertise they need. Adcredo is designed to help businesses digitize their advertising and provide the necessary support and platform to do so. Adcredo also offers a professional reporting tool that allows you to easily access all the important metrics you need and present them in one complete report for all your selected channels. No data scientists or coding experience required.

We always strive to keep you ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving world of digital advertising. With our advanced targeting capabilities and flexible, customizable platform, we're here to help you achieve your goals and stay on top of the latest industry trends. Learn more here about our platform and how we can help you succeed.

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