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What are the biggest pain points for digital advertising in 2023?

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

A recent study conducted by Insights (2023) found that digital advertising marketers in 2023 are facing several significant challenges. One of the biggest obstacles is managing a growing number of channels and platforms while producing enough content and creatives within limited timeframes.

Another issue is that many brands and agencies can't afford to employ multiple platform specialists, which limits their use of multiple platforms. Lastly, collecting and analyzing data to track campaign performance is also challenging, particularly when using various platforms. Being able to collect and analyze data is hard and time consuming enough. Especially if you are using many platforms. Learn here how to navigate metrics across platforms.

Below is a survey conducted by Insights (2023) where they asked digital advertisers what their biggest pain points of 2023 are.

What are the biggest pain points for digital advertising in 2023?
What are the biggest pain points for digital advertising in 2023?

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