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Navigating the Digital Frontier: Insights from the Siinda Event for SME Agencies and Adtech partners

As I sat among the vibrant discussions at the recent Siinda event in Porto, the air was charged with an electrifying mix of enthusiasm and anticipation. Representatives from leading European SME agencies, and Global adtech players had gathered to unravel the mysteries and opportunities of the ever-evolving digital landscape. What emerged from this dynamic exchange were insightful reflections on the challenges faced by SMEs in embracing digital growth and the transformative role SME agencies could play in this journey.


Unveiling the Challenges Faced by SMEs:

As the conversations unfolded, a prevailing theme emerged - SMEs grapple with the intricate complexities of digital solutions. The terminology can often feel like a labyrinth, leaving many business owners scratching their heads in confusion. It became increasingly clear that the demand for instant gratification is not confined to our personal lives; it's a pervasive sentiment that permeates the world of SME marketing too. Business owners are eager for immediate returns on their marketing investments, often expecting quick, tangible results that align with their stringent timelines.

The Desire for a Guiding Hand:

Amidst the enthusiasm, there was also a palpable sense of aspiration. SMEs are yearning for a reliable guide, a trusted partner who can navigate the digital maze alongside them. They are seeking a single solution provider who can effortlessly handle the complexities of creating a compelling website, enhancing their online visibility, and effectively engaging both existing and potential clients.

The Quest for Transparency and Clarity:

The power of transparency emerged as a recurring theme throughout the event. Clarity and simplified communication were recognized as the cornerstones of fostering trust and understanding between SMEs and their agency partners. The need of the hour is to demystify the complex world of digital marketing, unraveling the intricacies for business owners and empowering them to make informed decisions.

Embracing the Winds of Change:

The event also underscored the growing significance of embracing new digital channels. The emergence of dynamic social media platforms has triggered a profound shift in consumer behavior, urging SMEs to rethink their approach and meet their target audience where they spend their digital lives.

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Charting a Course for Success:

Armed with these insights, the journey ahead for SME agencies is clear. By embracing a transparent, digital-first strategy, they can simplify the digital landscape for their SME clientele. Offering an integrated, all-in-one solution that caters to the multifaceted needs of these businesses could be the differentiating factor. The data speaks for itself, with

a resounding 64% of businesses expressing a preference for a unified solution provider. Additionally, agencies that explore diversifying their product offerings stand to enjoy an impressive 80% increase in client retention rates.

The Siinda event served as a powerful reminder of the transformative role that SME agencies can play in the digital growth journey of small and medium-sized businesses. By bringing transparency, simplicity, and holistic solutions to the forefront, these agencies have the potential to shape a brighter, more digitally empowered future for the SME landscape.

Mikael Englund COO & Co-Founder Adcredo
Mikael Englund COO & Co-Founder Adcredo


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