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Navigating the Complex Consumer Journey in the Age of Multi-Platform Shopping

In today's digital age, shoppers are on a quest for convenience and different choices like never before. They have at their disposal an array of devices and platforms, each offering unique opportunities for engagement. However, as CEOs, CMOs, and Agency Directors, it's vital to recognise that this abundance of choices has introduced complexity into the path to purchase, demanding a fresh perspective on marketing strategies.

The Evolving Consumer Landscape The digital transformation has completely revolutionized how consumers make purchase decisions. It's no longer a linear journey from awareness to conversion; instead, it's a dynamic, multi-platform exploration. Shoppers seamlessly shift between devices and platforms, creating what can only be described as an intricate web of touch-points.

Traditionally, marketers have relied on click-based attribution methods to decipher this complex user behaviour. These methods, while effective in certain contexts, struggle to capture the full extent of the modern shopping landscape.

The Challenge of Click-Only Attribution

Consider the rise of TikTok, a platform that has taken the world by storm. Users are constantly immersed in a captivating stream of content, often stumbling upon products and engaging with brands as they entertain themselves. For these users, immediate clicks and purchases aren't always the norm.

This is where click-only attribution falls short. It underestimates the impact of platforms like TikTok, where ad views frequently serve as the catalyst for further exploration across various channels. It doesn't account for the delayed conversions that stem from immersive and engaging content.

Research conducted by KnoCommerce reveals that TikTok receives only 21% of its deserved share of clicks through traditional attribution methods. This implies that a significant portion of conversions driven by TikTok remains unnoticed and unattributed.

A Holistic Approach to Attribution

To effectively navigate this multi-platform shopping landscape, businesses must embrace a more comprehensive approach to attribution:

Combine Click-Through and View-Through Attribution: To gain a complete understanding of the influence of platforms like TikTok, it's essential to leverage both click-through and view-through attribution windows. This approach captures the full spectrum of user interactions, from immediate clicks to delayed conversions.

Extend Attribution Windows: Longer attribution windows provide a more accurate depiction of an ad's impact by capturing a broader range of events. This not only accelerates the learning process but also results in a more stable cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and greater performance stability.

Exercise Patience: It's imperative to consider your attribution window when evaluating campaign performance. Frequent changes can lead to performance fluctuations. Give your campaigns sufficient time to collect data and optimize effectively.

Iterate and Refine: Achieving precise media measurement is an ongoing endeavour. Working within a multi-advertising platform that aggregates data from various sources ensures that metrics and data can seamlessly communicate in a unified language, enhancing the overall value of the endeavour.

Embracing the Complexity of Multi-Platform Shopping

In conclusion, multi-platform shopping is the new normal, and it comes with its unique challenges and opportunities. Shoppers are using an assortment of devices and platforms to engage with brands, creating a dynamic and intricate path to purchase.

As leaders in the business world, it's essential to recognise that the traditional click-based attribution model no longer suffices in capturing the true impact of your marketing efforts. Embrace a holistic attribution approach, extend your measurement windows, and continuously refine your strategies to navigate the complexity of the modern consumer journey effectively. By doing so, you'll be well-prepared to engage with your audience across a multitude of touch-points, providing the convenience and choice they seek in their shopping experience.

Mikael Englund, COO & Co-founder of Adcredo
Mikael Englund, COO & Co-founder of Adcredo

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