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Huge Platform Updates - August 2023

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

We are thrilled to unveil our latest platform updates, a testament to the amazing efforts from our dedicated tech team. These updates encompass a variety of new features, expanded platforms, and much more.



Snapchat We have now added the popular social media site Snapchat to our platform. You are now able to create campaigns and reports. Use Snapchat in your marketing mix and reach a wider audience!

Bing With the uprise in popularity ChatGPT has created for Bing, we have now added Bing to Adcredo. Now, you have the ability to synchronize your new campaigns with Google and also enjoy comprehensive reporting features. Make the most of this exciting development and enhance your marketing efforts by leveraging both Bing and Google together.

Adform Attention all users seeking programmatic advertising solutions! We are pleased to inform you that you can now integrate Adform into your reporting system. This integration empowers you to gather valuable insights across all your platforms.

Bidtheatre You can now effortlessly incorporate Bidtheatre into your reporting system. Gain valuable insights from your social, search and programmatic advertising all-in-one.

Snapchat has been added to Adcredo's platform



New reporting system We have introduced a new reporting system that enables quicker report loading and real-time integration of programmatic, social, and search data. Also note that Advanced Reporting has become Professional Reporting.

Previews Previews of creatives are now available in Professional Reporting.

New enhanced charts Enhanced charts have been added to allow even more visualisation of metric values, upgraded pie charts etc.

Time comparison Now you can compare time periods for deeper insights. For example you can compare current and past time periods for performance analysis (e.g., July vs. May).

Trend direction Improved table list display with trend indicators. Table lists now display creatives visually, with %diff indicators for trend direction.

Updated Report Templates Now you have the option to choose from templates when creating new reports.

Efficient Bulk Cell Updates Modify multiple reporting cells at once and select data sources for display.

Add Campaigns to Existing Reports Easily integrate additional campaigns into existing reports for enhanced flexibility.



Cross-Platform A/B Testing for Enhanced Campaign Comparison You can now create A/B tests for campaigns across all platforms. Directly compare platform performance to optimize your delivery strategies effectively.

New "Connections" Menu Option for Simplified Navigation We've introduced a dedicated "Connections" page to provide a clear and streamlined view of all supported connections, enhancing user experience and ease of access.

Comprehensive Campaign Editing Enabled for Social Platforms Enjoy full campaign optimization capabilities for social platforms, empowering users to fine-tune their strategies.

Expanded Platform Coverage for Performance Insights Our "performance" and "warnings" features now include TikTok and LinkedIn, offering proactive alerts and insights for these platforms as well. Stay informed about campaign performance across a wider range of channels.

Adcredo has announced improved table list display with trend indicators. Table lists now display creatives visually, with %diff indicators for trend direction.

If you have any questions regarding the platform updates, please feel free to contact us at

Anna Sahlberg Carlsson, Digital Marketing Specialist
Anna Sahlberg Carlsson, Digital Marketing Specialist


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