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Guide to LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn, the professional social network, was launched back in 2003, long before most other major social platforms. Unlike social media giants like Instagram and Facebook, which mainly facilitate personal connections, LinkedIn is geared towards professionals and their career opportunities. As of 2023, more than every fourth person has used LinkedIn in 2023 in Sweden. Leveraging LinkedIn Ads can be a game-changer for your marketing strategy. In this guide, we'll explore the different types of LinkedIn Ads and how to use them effectively for your target audience.

Linkedin statistik

Why should your company advertise on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn proves to be an ideal advertising platform, especially for B2B or small to medium-sized enterprises. This is particularly beneficial when your organic reach is limited, allowing you to broaden your audience and connect with new prospects within your target market. LinkedIn stands out for its extensive targeting capabilities, enabling you to tailor campaigns based on factors like company sizes, industries, job titles, and more. Consider creating multiple ads to test what performs best, but remember to test one variable at a time, such as ad copy or creative. On Adcredos platform we offer the unique ability for Cross-Platform A/B Testing for Enhanced Campaign Comparison.You can now create A/B tests for campaigns across all platforms. Directly compare platform performance to optimize your delivery strategies effectively.

By using Adcredo you can also allocate your budget more wisely. Adcredo offers on top features such as being able to set a daily budget allocation for optimization - such as being able to target which days you would like your ads to run to maximize when decisionmakers are active on the platform.

How to get started with Linkedin Ads

1. Choose Your Campaign Objective

Brand awareness

I want more people to learn about my business.

Best Practice: Use this when you want to increase the visibility of your brand and make more people aware of your business. Brand awareness campaigns are suitable for the top of the sales funnel.

Example: Promoting your business to a wider LinkedIn audience to build brand recognition.

Website visits

I want more people to visit a website destination site on or off LinkedIn.

Best Practice: Choose this when you want to drive more traffic to a specific website, whether it's your company website or a landing page. This is suitable for mid-funnel objectives.

Example: Directing LinkedIn users to a product page, blog post, or a registration page on your website.


I want more people to engage with my content posts.

Best Practice: Use this when you want to encourage LinkedIn users to engage with your content, such as liking, sharing, or commenting on your posts. Engagement campaigns are typically used in the mid-funnel stage.

Example: Promoting your thought leadership content and encouraging discussions in the form of comments and shares.

Video views

I want more people to watch my videos

Best Practice: This is best when you have video content that you want LinkedIn users to watch. Video views campaigns work well for brand storytelling and can be used in both the awareness and consideration stages of the funnel.

Example: Sharing a product demonstration or a company culture video.

Lead generation (Coming soon)

I want more quality leads on LinkedIn.

Best Practice: This campaign type is ideal when you want to capture quality leads on LinkedIn, such as job applicants or potential clients. It's typically used in the mid-to-bottom-funnel stage. We recommend you use downloads for this, for example a guide or something similar to get people to leave contact information in exchange.

Example: Running a lead generation form to capture contact details from potential customers.

Website conversions

I want more purchases, registrations, or downloads.

Best Practice: Use this when you want to encourage specific actions on your website, such as making a purchase, registering for an event, or downloading a resource. This is typically used in the lower-funnel stage.

Example: Promoting a product with a "Shop Now" CTA, or encouraging event registrations.

Job applications

I want to promote job opportunities at my company.

Best Practice: This campaign type is suitable for promoting job opportunities at your company and attracting qualified job applicants.

Example: Advertising job listings and encouraging LinkedIn users to apply for open positions at your company.

When choosing the right campaign type on LinkedIn, consider your marketing objectives, target audience, and where they are in the customer journey. It's essential to track the performance of your campaigns and make adjustments to meet your goals effectively. Easily create your campaigns in our platform Adcredo. Our platform enables you to quickly and easily create high-performing digital advertising campaigns on the most popular search and social platforms, all through one interface and with a unified reporting.

Choose Your Campaign Type

2. Different types of Linkedin ads format to know

Single Image Ads Run ads in the LinkedIn feed with an engaging visual across desktop and mobile. Best used for showcasing a single, attention-grabbing product or promoting a specific service. Make sure the image is high-quality and relevant to your target audience.

Video Ads Captivate a professional audience with native video at every stage of the buyer’s journey. We always recommend trying video ads when possible, as they tend to generate higher engagement and provide a more dynamic way to convey your message. Use videos to tell a compelling brand story or demonstrate your product or service in action.

Carousel Ads Tell an interactive story that inspires prospects to take action. Keep in mind, the format has to be a PDF. Carousel ads allow you to display a sequence of images, each with its own headline and description. Use this format to showcase multiple products, highlight key features, or guide viewers through a step-by-step process.

Event Ads Promote your upcoming events on LinkedIn to a professional audience. Create enticing event descriptions and use eye-catching visuals to encourage users to register and attend. These ads work best for webinars, conferences, workshops, and other professional gatherings.

Document Ads Collect leads and drive engagement by sharing documents in the feed. Use document ads to provide valuable content, such as whitepapers, reports, or case studies, to your target audience. These ads can help you gather leads by requiring users to submit their information to access the document. Ensure the documents are informative and relevant to your audience's interests

Lead Gen Form- Coming Soon to the Platform!

Collect even more quality leads from your ads on LinkedIn with seamless pre-filled lead forms. We believe this will be one of the most popular ad forms in 2023-2024. Generate high-quality leads at scale with Lead Gen Form on Adcredos platform, which allows linkedin members send you their professional info with just a couple of clicks. Access and manage you leads with ease and easily track your campaigns' cost per lead, lead form fill rate and the number of leads you're getting from specific professional audience segments.

3. Target Audience with Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn is the go-to platform for professionals and B2B marketing. If your business caters to other businesses, decision-makers, or job seekers, LinkedIn Ads can be a goldmine. Small businesses can specifically target local professionals or industry-specific audiences.

Tips for Success

  • Craft compelling, professional ad copy.

  • Use eye-catching visuals.

  • Set specific targeting parameters for your ideal audience. Linkedin has the most extensive audience targeting out of all of the other platforms, here you can target industry, work titles, company sizes and more.

  • A/B test your ads for optimization.

  • Monitor and adjust your campaigns regularly.


Linkedin in Sweden (Source: Svenskarna och Internet 2023)

  • More than every fourth person has used Linkedin in 2023, every eighth person has used the service every week, and 6 percent have used it daily. Slightly more men (29%) than women (25%) use Linkedin.

  • Linkedin is most commonly used by people born in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Women born in the 90s are reducing their use of Linkedin, while their male counterparts of the same age are increasing their usage.

  • Additionally, a slightly higher number of individuals born in the 2000s have started using Linkedin in 2023, primarily more men.

  • Four out of ten working individuals use Linkedin, with significantly more in the private sector (47%) than in the public sector (32%).

  • Linkedin is most popular among men born in the 60s and 70s, with 7 percent listing it as their favorite.

Linkedin - Svenskarna och Internet 2023

Unlock the Full Potential of Your LinkedIn Ads with Adcredo

Are you ready to optimize your LinkedIn advertising strategy? Look no further than Adcredo's platform. Getting started is easy – simply book a demo and connect your desired digital marketing channels, such as LinkedIn to the platform.

With Adcredo, you gain the ability to effortlessly create top-performing digital advertising campaigns across the leading search and social platforms, such as TikTok Ads, Meta Ads, Snapchat Ads, Google Ads and more - all within a unified, user-friendly interface. Find out what is working and what needs to be optimized on your Linkedin campaigns effortlesly. Don't miss out on maximizing your reach and potential. Elevate your LinkedIn ads with Adcredo today!

Leverage for B2B advertising:

  • Diverse ad formats amplify engagement.

  • A/B testing on Adcredo boosts precision and gives you insights in learn from what in which platforms and creatives works best for your business.

  • Spend your budget more wisely with features such as budgeting targeting options. Choose which days you would like your ad to run and spend your spend on the days that matter the most.

Anna Sahlberg Carlsson, Digital Marketing Specialist
Anna Sahlberg Carlsson, Digital Marketing Specialist


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