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Adcredo becomes Eniro's key partner for digital marketing for SMBs

Eniro, the leading marketing partner for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the Nordic region, is taking a groundbreaking step into the future through its partnership with Adcredo, the fast-growing Swedish SaaS company in Adtech.

This partnership marks the beginning of a new era for digital marketing for SMBs, with Adcredo as the central advertising platform used by Eniro to handle thousands of SMBs advertising campaigns at Google, Microsoft, Meta, Snap Inc., TikTok, X, LinkedIn for AI empowered multichannel advertising.

Through a competitive procurement process, Adcredo has successfully distinguished itself from globally established Adtech companies and secured the role as Eniro's preferred partner for digital advertising.

This collaboration aims to offer a one-stop-shop solution for SMBs, making it easier than ever to appear on major search and social media platforms through a single partner.

Glim Södermark, CEO of Adcredo, expresses joy about the partnership: "We are proud to initiate this partnership with Eniro and establish our position as a leading SaaS company in ad technology. By offering a tool that not only enhances scalability and presence in digital channels but also ensures results and control, we contribute to a new level of value for Eniro and its customers."

"The collaboration with Adcredo means access to a scalable AI-driven platform for digital advertising for Eniro," explains Mikael Englund, COO and co-founder of Adcredo. "Adcredo's platform is tailored to address the challenges of managing, creating, optimizing, and reporting on digital ad campaigns. Through this partnership, we aim not only to improve results and efficiency for Eniro but also to enhance advertising efficiency for thousands of their customers."

Mikael Lindström, COO at Eniro, expresses the following:
"We strive to be the best partner for entrepreneurs and provide them with the support they need to succeed. To strengthen our customers' competitiveness, we want to give them the same opportunities in marketing and advertising as larger companies have. After a comprehensive international evaluation of available platforms for this purpose, we found that Adcredo meets our requirements impressively. Their superior AI-supported platform, combined with outstanding support and presence during the evaluation process, made the choice obvious for us."

About Adcredo

Adcredo was founded in 2020 in Sweden with the ambition to simplify and optimize digital advertising. The company offers an AI-supported ad platform that enables quick and efficient creation, optimization, and reporting of digital ad campaigns on leading platforms for search, social media, and programmatic advertising, all through a unified interface. Adcredo focuses on maximizing control, scalability, and automation to elevate campaign efficiency while minimizing administrative resources.

About Eniro

Eniro Group is an IT company that develops digital search services to connect businesses and consumers through the internet, directories, and mobile. Operating mainly in the Nordic market, Eniro aims to provide digital marketing products and support for small and medium-sized businesses.

For more information, please contact:

Mikael Englund, COO & Founder Adcredo


Mikael Lindström, COO Eniro Group

+46 70 782 08 12


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