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2023: Unveiling a Year Full of Joys, Achievements, and Unexpected Twists – Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


In 2023, we at Adcredo experienced significant growth and deepened our commitment to revolutionizing the advertising landscape.

Building a Global Presence:

It wasn't just about changing offices and welcoming new team members; we expanded our reach, actively engaging clients in over 10 countries. Our mission is crystal clear – to make advertising controllable and efficient.

Focus on Empowerment:

Adcredo isn't exclusive to major agencies; we serve both small businesses and large enterprises in the Nordic region. Our goal is straightforward: empower marketers to take control, save time, and increase ROI

Understanding Marketers' Pain Points:

Our success stems from recognizing and addressing marketers' daily challenges. Whether it's swiftly managing multiple campaigns, decoding performance data, or making data-driven decisions – we're on a mission to eliminate these stressors.

Generative AI: A Game-Changer:

The standout moment in 2023 for us was introducing Generative AI. Recognizing its potential early on, we integrated AI into our platform, leading in social media ad creation, adwords, and analytics. The road ahead promises more AI products, offering brands and agencies greater control and efficiency.


Reflecting on 2023, our story is one of growth, resilience, and a steadfast commitment to empowering marketers. The future is bright, filled with exciting possibilities, fueled by our dedication to understanding and addressing the ever-evolving needs of the advertising landscape. Our 2023 story isn't just a chapter; it's proof of our evolution into a powerhouse in the ad tech industry.

Wishing you a 'Merry Adcredo Christmas'—where ads are merry, scalable, and more profitable than a sleigh full of presents! Here's to a 'Clicks and Cheers' New Year, full of scalable success and advertising joy!

Mikael Englund COO & Co-founder Adcredo


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