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Caeleste achieved a 320% ROI with Adcredo. Automation and Optimization made it possible


Caeleste is a beauty web shop focusing on clean beauty with only ecological products. Working with a modest budget and not able to hire advertising experts they were open to finding a solution that would help them maximize their Sales, Brand exposure and be able to stay competitive with the bigger players on the Market


Our mission was to seek effective ways of maximizing Caeleste's sales, this meant we needed to get them to stand out and be seen amongst all the other larger competitors all while having a much lower budget and limited resources. We were to focus all our energies on seeking effective ways of doing smart advertising and achieve a quick ROI. With the help of Adcrdeo's expert support team, we helped Caeleste to easily and quickly create and manage ad campaigns across multiple advertising channels with multiple content. With Adcredo, Caeleste was able to easily run A/B testing on a weekly basis for their website and campaign ads. This data was then automatically fed into Adcredo's reporting platform that Caeleste was able to use to derive valuable performance insights which made their campaigns super-efficient. The platform saved them time and negated the need to have experts within each advertising platform. Our reporting platform was also able to compare how the ad campaigns performed against each individual ad platform providing effective cross-channel alignments insights that they were able to easily tweak in order to optimize their ad campaigns to avoid ad fatigue and achieve a high ROI/ROAS.

"Adcredo's advertising platform is unbeatable and optimization of ads has increased sales significantly. We have gone from an average of 0-3 sales per day to an average of 8-12 sales per day"

With the Adcredo platform, Caeleste could use a limited amount of resources, and no big startup fees and still get a quick ROI. Caeleste got quick results and the automation and optimization have made Caeleste grow rapidly during their partnership with Adcredo where they were able to achieve a whopping 320% ROI for their ad spend.

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