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Adcredo Integrates ChatGPT AI technology to its multi-channel advertising platform

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Adcredo Integrates ChatGPT AI technology to its multi-channel advertising platform
Adcredo Integrates ChatGPT AI technology to its multi-channel advertising platform

Adcredo, the fast growing Ad-tech company with a multi-advertising platform, has taken a significant step forward in revolutionizing the marketing industry by integrating ChatGPT

Adcredo has made an exciting integration with ChatGPT to improve its services for marketers. By using the advanced language modeling from ChatGPT, Adcredo has in a first step specifically customized the integration to generate relevant proposals for advertising texts for social media. This gives marketers the opportunity to become more effective in their work with campaign management.

The use of AI generated proposals can solve many challenges in marketing. For smaller companies who lack content, it can be difficult for a marketing agency to understand their business and produce texts that reach out with a limited amount of characters. But with AI generated proposals, they can in seconds produce customized advertising texts based on a few words or a summarizing text.

Even for larger enterprises and marketing agencies, it can be challenging to adjust long and detailed copies to a form that highlights the point in what the brand wants to communicate. But with AI generated proposals, they can get customized proposals based on a max-limit of characters in just a few seconds.

Adcredo is dedicated to simplifying and streamlining digital marketing for marketers. Their integration with ChatGPT is just the beginning of the possibilities that AI generated services can offer. Adcredo continues to implement several media channels and recommendation systems with the goal of facilitating the administrative work for marketing teams so that they can spend more time on their expertise in strategy, analysis and results optimization.

About Adcredo

Adcredos' self-service platform enables Agencies & Brands to create high-performing digital advertising campaigns quickly and easily, leveraging the most popular search and social platforms through one intuitive interface and unified reporting.

With a main focus of decreasing the admin for agencies and enterprises, the Adcredo platform allows you to focus even more on the results while we handle the majority of the time consuming setup for you.Using only one campaign you are able to create hundreds of ad combinations across Search and Social in just minutes.

With the Adcredo campaign flow, you'll be up and running in no time and engineered by AI technology.


Give us a few minutes and we will give you thousands back.

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