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Ad-Tech News: Google Ads Introduces Performance Max For Travel Goals

Discover one of the newest updates in the ad-industry! Google Ads has recently announced one of their latest releases, Performance Max for travel goals, a new option for hotel and travel advertisers that enables them to reach customers at every stage of the planning process. This tool comes at a time when searches for "book a flight" have increased by over 70%, and 40% of leisure travelers are putting more effort into planning their trips due to the recent pandemic according to Google Ads.

Performance Max for travel goals simplifies the process of for hotel advertisers by enabling them to create ads in multiple formats. With a single campaign, advertisers can reach customers across various Google channels, including Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Google Maps. Advertisers only need to set their budget thresholds and conversion goals, and Google's AI will handle day-to-day tasks, such as bidding, optimizing ads between channels, and choosing the most effective asset groups.

Hotel advertisers can also select their hotel properties from a map while setting up a Performance Max campaign. Google will automatically generate ads for the hotel in every format, including copy, images, and URLs. A single campaign can support up to 100 hotel properties.

The Insights page provides valuable information for advertisers, including property-level reporting and travel-specific campaign recommendations, to help them understand their performance and increase their returns. Advertisers can view traffic by hotel property to analyze demand across different locations and gain insights into search trends and what people search for when they see their ads.

Google Ads claims that advertisers who use Performance Max achieve over 18% more conversions on average at a similar cost per action. As travel searches continue to grow, this tool could prove valuable for advertisers looking to connect with traveler's in the planning stages of their trips.

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