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How Adcredo helps Holy Comms create effective and high-performing campaigns

Adcredo Holy Comms
Holy Comms

Holy Comms is a Marketing-as-a-Service communications agency based in Stockholm founded in 2018. With many scale-ups and startups from a range of different industries amongst their clients, the need to create frequent and high-performing campaigns with reasonable pricing and on short notice is large and ever-growing. With Adcredo, the entire process is simplified and streamlined, allowing Holy Comms to focus on strategy, creativity and creating value.

Lisa Kruse Adcredo
The Needs

When learning about Adcredo’s platform, Holy Comms quickly realized they were addressing some of their most urgent needs. Philip Karlsson, Chief Product Owner, Client Director and Strategist at Holy Comms sees many benefits with the collaboration.

– In the past, it has been a great challenge to both create and launch campaigns for our customers and also to collect, evaluate and present valuable data. Sometimes there are as many as five different platforms, which makes it extremely difficult to get an overall picture, says Philip Karlsson.

He further explains that their goal is to offer effective ongoing advertising for their customers, and with Adcredo, they can make more thoughtfully curated and tailored campaigns.

– We can easily collect data and visualize for customers how the campaigns are performing, meaning we can showcase the value of our efforts and how we contribute to our client’s business.

With the help of Adcredo, Holy Comms has been able to adapt a new and smarter way to set up campaigns for their clients, Philip continues.

– We now have the opportunity to test out various concepts before they go live and present what different initiatives will cost before we release them. When a campaign is live, we can gain full insights into how they are performing, and optimize in real-time across all channels. Therefore, Adcredo is contributing to our own overall product development.

"Media buying is the core in any marketing strategy to effectively reach the right audiences at the right time, and all companies today need it to some extent. The media buying process, however, is very complext and time-consuming and many agencies in our industry tend to be stuck in their old ways. Finding a partner that can guide us and optimize this entire process is extremely valuable for an agency like ours and will hugely benefit all our clients."
Connecting all the dots

As more clients request help with setting up effective campaigns and advertising, the demand for a simple and effective process has never been greater. With Adcredo, onboarding new clients is much smoother. In just a few clicks, they can connect their own advertising accounts with their client’s accounts through authentification and kickstart campaigns on Adcredo’s platform.

– Since we have so many clients and ongoing campaigns to keep track of, we really appreciate having an easy-to-navigate campaign tool to guide us and ensure that we are always staying on top of details, working toward our client’s goals, says Philip.

Holy Comms especially appreciate the ability to gather data and insights from their client’s campaigns across different platforms into one single report that is customizable and easy to share with clients which previously had to be handled manually, he continues.

– Transparency is one of our core values, so it was important for us to have a solution that allows us to provide our clients with a transparent performance overview of their ongoing campaigns and current media spend. With Adcredo, our clients are never left wondering what they are paying for and how their campaigns are performing.

A simplified process from strategy to implementation

Instead of having to become experts in all the different search and social media platforms out there, Holy Comms can put strategy and creativity first. Having a solution like Adcredo in place also means being able to maintain a more data-driven dialogue with clients regarding their different product offerings, Philip explains.

– This is a very important part of our strategy, where our ambition is to work as data-driven as possible and set both long and short-term metrics. We want to be able to remain flexible and provide a clear view on advertising cost and outcome while also being able to switch our offering according to our client’s needs.

Fanny Hällegårdh is a Content Producer at Holy Comms. From her perspective, Adcredo facilitates the process of creating content for the campaigns and helps her develop, she explains.

– I appreciate being able to get a full overview of the campaign I have been a part of creating for our clients. Being able to see how the campaigns will look before they are rolled out, and following how they are performing once they are live is allowing me to evaluate the value of the content I create, which helps me develop in my role as a creator, says Fanny.

Adcredo Holy Comms
Agencies + Adcredo = a perfect match

Mikael Englund, COO/Co-Founder, Adcredo, adds that their platform was created with the purpose of leaving the manual and time-consuming parts to smart technology and machine learning to allow their clients to focus on what matters and creates the most business value.

– Innovative and open-minded communication and content agencies such as Holy Comms are a particularly great match for Adcredo. They are often working in very close collaboration with their customers and want to be able to deliver a holistic strategy and a 360-offering, from planning, activating, and optimizing to evaluating powerful campaigns. By addressing some of the most common challenges for these agencies, our focus has always been to simplify and streamline the entire process from start to finish, offering a self-service platform for campaigns and advertising, Mikael Englund finishes.

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